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Welcome To My Home Page

Hi ,  I am Jim Duell from Warsaw, NY.  I have always enjoyed building and designing different types of wood clocks. I have a nice collection of all the clocks that I have built and now I have lost my woodworking shop due to the death of my mother back in April 2012. The home we lived in had to be sold and I ended up in an very small apartment where woodworking is not an option here. There is diffently no room for a shop and the noise would not be tolorated!  All my tools and shop equipment is in storage where there is no electric on the premises. I am trying to learn to fix and repair clocks. I have 12 clocks the require a key to wind them up and now have 6 of the 12 back running and keeping good time. I have wall clocks, mantel clocks, a grandfathers clock, several desktop clocks that I made that just takes a "N" battery. Some of the clock companies are New England Clock Company, Seth - Thomas Clock Company, Gilbert Clock Company, Howard Miller Clock Company, Waltham Clock Company, Ansonia Clock Company.  I have a good selection of clock repair tools that I have in a box at my apartment and use them quite often.   

A Long With Making My Clocks I Also Build Some Weather Stations Which Includes A Themometer, Barometer, Hygrometer And A Clock. I Did These In Different Type Patterens Like A Shield Design And A Rectangular Design Along With Long Shield Type Tops And A Rounded Bottom That Measures About 24" Long With Four Different Guages And A 3" Stick On Emblem On The Top And Sometimes Bottom Also. I Most Of The Time Make These Out Of Walnut Or Cherry. Both Look Great When Completed. I Am Not A Big Stain User. I Like Just A Clear Poly To Cover The Wood With Two Coats On Each Finished Weather Station. I Use To Make About Twelve Different Weather Stations For Our Local Fire Department For The Annual Banquet Held Every April. I Did Them For About A Five Year Period And They Wanted A Change. I Might Be Laser Engraved Wood On A Tin Colored Front.


This clock I made from left over pieces that I had in my scrap box. Every piece was cut at an 18 degree angle using my Dewalt Mieter Saw. It was a fun project to do and get all the cuts at the right angles. I used a red oak minwax stain to add some color to it. I got the clockworks from Klockit. This was the last clock that I built before moving from Perry to Warsaw.

I Spend Time Every Month Trying To Come Up With A Different Design Or Style For Something To Build. I Keep All Of My Drawings On Hand And Take A Clock And Make A Different Style Base Or Different Shape For The Clockworks To Fit Into. I Took A Pocket Watch Style And Made A Small One Then Made A Much Larger One. I Have Made Five Different Four - Posted Mantel Clocks With A Pendulum With Each One. I Made Them For Our Fire Company For A Drawing They Had At There Spring And Fall Gun Raffles. They Were A Big Hit. Tickets Were Sold Seperatly On Just The Clock. We Sold Quite A Few Tickets. Each Time I Made One It Was Different Kind Of Clock. I Took A Picture Of Each One That I Made. Now Since I Stop My Woodworking They Are Raffleing A Gun Cabinet And A Gun Safe.


I enjoy traveling around the area looking for clocks of all types at the various thrift stores like the Volunteers Of America, Salvation Army, Goodwill, and even different Antique Shops. When clock hunting I take along my clock keys due to some of the clocks do not have it with it. There are several different sizes of keys and being a retired Locksmith for 30 years I have plenty of keys for most clocks. If the cabinet that the clock is in is in good shape I will buy the clock and then take the works out and completely clean and oil the clockworks before putting it back together. Funny, is when I enter my apartment and a half dozen clocks all strike and ring at the same time. I love it !

Wood Holes Made Into A Clock, Like My Trucks In The Background

I Like Making Clocks Using Some Different Shapes Of Wood. It Is Easy When You Have The 3" Circles To Use. Instead Of Putting The Wood In The Fire I Find A Use For The Circles. I Put Some Clear Finish On Each Piece And Glue Them Together.