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I am now at 61, and no longer doing woodworking. Still taking a lot of pictures all across New York State but, I have been looking into finding a course on clock restoring and repairing. Just the basics for now.  Now its 2013 and I am on permenant disibility from work mainly due to my back. I can only stand on my feet for a short time then I have to sit or fall when my back gives out from standing in one place for a short period of time. I have been buying wall clocks at thrift shops and referbishing them and cleaning the finish if need be and mainly repairing the works to get it ticking again. I have been having really good luck in doing this. I have about 12 different types of mechanical key wound clocks and about 6 of them are in running order. They all get wound each week or once a month.

The History or Story Behind My Site

Having gathered several different kinds of clocks and use to build my own. I am trying to teach myself on the fundamentals of clock restoring and repairing. There are many, many types and kinds of clocks all across this wide world that we live in. Having some of these clocks in my possession and trying to make the tick from the tock and fixing the high sound to the low sound just isn't that easy. If anyone just sits and listens to a clock that is running is it the tick that comes first or is it the tock that comes first, it has to be one and just one that makes the low sounding tick be first all the time and the tock needs to be second with a high pitch sound to finish the second and continue to repeat on every second to the minute to the hour and starts all over again.


Within the past few years I have joined 3 different clubs besides just completing 40 years of service with the Perry Fire Department. Now living in Warsaw I am just a social member of the fire department so don't have any say of what goes on any more. I cannot as of June 02, 2009 take anymore pictures at fire scenes and display them on the internet. So, guess it is time to move on. I have been taking pictures at the annual Western New York Chapter of The ATHS at the Genesee County Fairgrounds since 1995. In 2008 I joined this organization and in 2009 changed our name to the Empire State Antique Truck Association and been doing pictures at the monthly meetings during the summertime and at the yearly Spring Bus Trip to different places around New York State. We also have a Fall Drive Around which we all get together and visit different places in Western New York. This past year 2012 I went with club members to the ATHS National Convention in West Springfield, MA. Here I took 1223 pictures of all the trucks on display here. I usually take 3,000 pictures of just truck club events each year. Our club has about 125 members now and still growing. I Got 500 Pictures at our show on August 04th & 05th along with working on the club program book that we have. We are getting ready to start the 2013 program book which will be ready on August 03 &04, 2013. I have these pictures on my website at: http://www.jimduellcollection.org . In February of 2012 I joined the Great Lakes Attica Central Railroad Club out of Wyoming, NY. I was Member # 8 of now 9 members and we meet every Thursday Evening at 7:00 PM working on a O Gauge model railroad layout. We have a meeting on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the clubhouse. I first met these guys when they put on a demonstration and display at the Eastside Nursing Home here in Warsaw where my mom was a patient there with Alzheimers and Dementia and needed 24 hour care. I like trains so, I joined there club. We had a raffle of a Pennsylivana Flyer Train Set that we all sold tickets for and was given away last November 11, 2012 at the Train Show in Batavia, NY. Well, I won the train set. Was I ever happy and can't wait to get it set up and running. The Great Lakes Attica Central Model Railroad Club will be having 3 hot dog sales at the Batavia Walmart on Saturday June 08, 2013, Then on August 10, 2013, then September 14, 2013 and all will start at 10:00AM. Our club only has 9 members.  I just a month ago joined the Pennsylvania, Shawmut & Northern Train Club In Angelica, NY at the Allegheny County Fairgrounds. My cousin from Bath, NY is the club treasurer. He came to the truck show in Batavia last November.There is only one meeting a year held on April 21, 2013 at the fairgrounds. They have over 200 members. They put out a great newsletter 5 times a year. 

I'd love to hear from you!

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